How you can help

We are looking for

You can become an informational volunteer

It’s not at all difficult – you can simply repost our posts to your page, and you can also tell your friends and acquaintances about our project and invite them to join the group and take an active part in the group’s activities

You can do

You can come to us

You can directly come to our kitchen to help – wash and peel vegetables, chop firewood, go to the distribution points and so forth.

If you want to come and give your service, please contact us by phone first:

Svyatoslav - the project coordinator

Oleg Valerievich - the leader


During our activities as the volunteer group “Food for Life. Donetsk” we have formed a friendly team, professing a common philosophy and ideology of public service to people. Currently, about 100 people worldwide participate in the activities of the group in one way or another as volunteers, and about 30 volunteers are directly involved in cooking!

If you wish to realize your inner potential and do something useful for the society, for the people in need, we invite you to join our team of volunteers of the project “Food for Life. Donetsk”.