About Us

Who we are

For more than 5 years, fighting has been going on in the Donbass.

During the war years, the social infrastructure and economy of the Donetsk region was destroyed. People of different social status and age were in a financially difficult situation. The task of a civilized and cultural society is to help everyone who is in trouble by joining forces !!! This is a hallmark of a cultured person – compassion for someone else’s misfortune !!!

Due to the need to help the region’s residents, a group of volunteer enthusiasts who are not indifferent to the fate and grief of people in a difficult position organized the social volunteer program “Food For Life. Donetsk “.

Our motto
“Mercy and compassion”

What We Do

Volunteer group of the project “Food for Life. Donetsk ”is a humanitarian charitable mission of distributing hot charity dinners to socially unprotected segments of the population (old people; people with disabilities; bed-patients); people who, due to economic problems in the region, are left without work and livelihoods; people living below the poverty line; large families, as well as people living in the frontline areas, displaced people and temporarily evacuated from the frontline areas affected by the military conflict in the territory of Donbass. We feed everyone who comes, regardless of their race, nationality, political or religious beliefs. At the moment we are distributing about 8000-9000 servings per week.

In 2015, the volunteer group “Food for Life. Donetsk ”was able to combine the efforts of all the“ Food for Life ”cells in the Donetsk region both in the territory not controlled by Ukraine and in the frontline territory, namely Donetsk, Kramatorsk and Mariupol.

Since February 2017, “Food for Life. Donetsk ”became an associate member of the Food for Life Association of Charitable Foundations, which has organizations in 34 cities across the CIS. At present, the Food for Life Foundation and we, as its members, are the only voluntary non-governmental organizations in the CIS that provide food for people in emergency situations.

We are outside politics and do not support the ideology of any of the political parties, organizations and associations, and do not take any of the parties to the military conflict in the Donbas. We can cooperate (interact) with political parties and other public organizations or government bodies to achieve the goals of our program.