Social mission

Volunteer group of the project “Food for Life. Donetsk” is a volunteer movement, engaged in public service to people in need of help and support. Volunteer groups are driven by the feeling of kindness and good cause.

Our motto
“Mercy and Compassion”

Our ideals

The volunteer group strives for such universal ideals as charity, kindness, agreement, tolerance, no violence, humane treatment for every person, regardless of social status, nationality or worldview.

Basics activities

The foundation of the charitable activities of the volunteer group is to selflessly distribute food to people in need. This kind of care for one’s neighbor is consistent both with the principles of world religions and with the values inherent in society. Every volunteer of “Food for life. Donetsk”, based on his personal worldview, sees such activity not just as providing food to the poor for the sole purpose of making them full, but also as a manifestation of care, humane treatment, awakening kindness in people, respect for one other, and awareness of no violence principle.

Primary target

The main goal of the volunteer group “Food for Life. Donetsk” is to achieve social harmony in society by:

The medicine must be food, and the food must be medicine


Our volunteer group is guided by this approach. Food is prepared with regard to all necessary sanitary standards, as confirmed by attached reports. When cooking porridge, we use the best quality food products, all kinds of vegetables (carrots, cabbage, eggplants, zucchini, pumpkin, etc.) and greens, dairy butter, and spices that improve taste and digestion. Bread is made with high-grade flour with an addition of bran.

Also, when cooking, we do not use meat, fish, eggs, as well as stale, expired and spoiled food.

We are convinced that only tasty food can satisfy the hunger of the body, and care and attention from the volunteers will satisfy the hunger of the heart!

SECRET ingredient

And of course, we add the most important SECRET ingredient, without which the food would not be so tasty (and, accordingly, people would not keep coming) – YOUR ENERGY OF LOVE AND CARE, which we diligently pass over to people through the food!

Cooked porridge is tasty, oily, nourishing and nutritious, pure, blissful and healing, which has a beneficial effect on the overall human health…

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