Our activities

Why ?

In connection with the need to help residents of Donbass, a group of volunteer enthusiasts who are not indifferent to the fate and grief of people organized a social volunteer program in November 2014.

“Food For Life. Donetsk” is a humanitarian charity project whose volunteers have been preparing food for the fourth year in a row day after day and distributing it free to those in need in the Donbass, regardless of their race, political or religious beliefs.

For whom

Everyone gets help at the points of meals distribution. Mainly they are people who are usually referred to as socially unprotected segments of the population:

The project exists thanks to the ordinary people from all over the world who are not indifferent to someone else’s misfortune, and provide financial, logistical and informational support.

In 2015, the volunteer group “Food for Life. Donetsk” was able to combine the efforts of all “Food for Life” groups in Donetsk region, both in the territory not controlled by Ukraine, and on the frontline. These are groups of Donetsk, Kramatorsk and Mariupol.

Since February 2017, “Food for Life. Donetsk” has become an associate member of the “Food for Life” Association of Charities, which has branches in 34 cities across the CIS. Currently, members of the Association “Food for Life” including the volunteer group “Food for Life. Donetsk” are the only volunteer non-government organization in the CIS that provides people with food in emergency situations.

We are out of politics, we do not support the ideology of any political parties, organizations and associations, and we do not pick a side in the military conflict in Donbass. We can cooperate (interact) with political parties and other public organizations or government bodies to achieve the goals of our program.

In 60 months (from 11.11.2014 to 10.11.2019) of activity, volunteers of “Food For Life. Donetsk” managed to cook and distribute more than 1,760,618 portions of hot meals. During this period, there was cooked:

portions of hot
liters of porridge
with vegetables
portions of hot
lunch meals

Distributing of food

We took social responsibility for the society and territorial communities of those cities and towns in which we have distributed (or distributing now) food during such difficult time for the civilian population (Donetsk, Makeyevka, Zugres, Khartsyzk and adjacent villages).

At the moment, “Food for Life. Donetsk” systematically gives out hot meals to civilian population five days a week (from Monday to Friday), handing out about 8000–9000 servings weekly in the following localities and places.

How does this occur

We offer you to check out our photo reports from the distribution points.

“Food for Life. Donetsk” also participated as a “sweet and tasty sponsor” in various events, such as:

and other holidays and events.

Help for children

Our project has an unlimited program “Helping children of Donbass”.

Since the beginning of the military conflict in Donbass, children have had to endure psychological problems unusual at such young age, especially for children at the frontline areas or those who had to migrate. In fact, they are “war children”!

We feel an urgent need to provide assistance to these kids in the form of “vitamin” and “sweet” gifts, in order to at least please them a little and distract them from hardships of everyday life. Hopefully, having gone through their troubles and sorrows, children will not become hardhearted, but they will accept the example of selfless service to people and will continue this chain of good deeds later.