If you can't feed a hundred people, feed one

Мать Тереза

To continue our service to the people, the project needs your help and support, thanks to which to date we have already been able to prepare and distribute over 1,760,618 hot meals.

By combining even the smallest efforts, we can support people in need through the most difficult times in their lives.

Please accept our deepest gratitude for your generosity and your kind heart.

At the moment, here is how you can make a donation:

Donate online

Bank details for donations

  • Donate online at

How else can help

You can also help the project with food, firewood, waste paper, dishes, kitchen utensils and other things, the need for which we ask you to check with the project coordinator – Svetoslav Streblyansky.

Questionnaire for the good doers

In order to make social media posts and articles about people who help us, we would like for you to answer (if possible) a few questions below. This information is not for a self-promotion but to inspire people around the world to do charity and good deeds; for the good doers to learn more about people they have helped and more about the project; as well as this information is needed for the history of “Food for Life”. So:

Volunteer group of the project “Food for Life. Donetsk” thanks you for your time, your information is very important for us.