For the volunteers

“Food for life. Donetsk” is a volunteer project. Volunteering in our project means providing selfless assistance to people in need at no cost, in accordance with the social mission and program of the project. Essentially, it is a public service.

Our movement is based on the principle: “If you want to feel like a Human – help your neighbor who needs you more!” And “If you want to change your destiny, start helping people!” It is believed the one who feeds the hungry will never live in misery.

In our volunteer project, we will give you the opportunity of social development, fulfilling your needs for doing something useful, meaningful in your life. You will find an interesting social circle of like-minded people, comrades and friends, and you will learn certain life skills.

In order to help the project, it is not necessary to spend all your time, it is enough to spare a small part of your free time – and you will be already helping us a lot!

Any volunteer – those who constantly work in the kitchen, those who donate funds, those who only occasionally spread information about the project’s activities throughout social networks – they are all an important part of the volunteer group “Food for Life. Donetsk”, part of a one friendly team. Any contribution is valuable!

The mission of the volunteer group is not only to feed all the hungry and those in need. We distribute food, “so that there are no hungry people”, so social values such as caring for one another, attention to those next to us, compassion for those in need – become priorities in society. After all, it will satisfy not only the hunger of the body, but also the “hunger of the heart.” This is fundamental for a healthy prosperous society we all want to live in!

During our activities as the volunteer group “Food for Life. Donetsk” we have formed a friendly team, professing a common philosophy and ideology of public service to people. Currently, about 100 people worldwide participate in the activities of the group in one way or another as volunteers, and about 30 volunteers are directly involved in cooking!

If you wish to realize your inner potential and do something useful for the society, for the people in need, we invite you to join our team of volunteers of the project “Food for Life. Donetsk”.


How you can help

Help at a nutrition unit

wash and peel vegetables, chop firewood, go to the distribution points and so forth

Informational volunteer

It’s not at all difficult - you can simply repost our posts to your page, and you can also tell your friends and acquaintances about our project and invite them to join the group and take an active part in the group’s activities

Social networks

managing groups in different social networks and in different languages; translating posts; select theme-specific material for the group; communicate with administrators of various pages and groups to post our material and posts on their pages

Volunteers to attract partners and sponsors


Visual designer for presentation materials and so forth

A copywriter and a social journalist

Spread information about our activities in social networks, to promote the ideas of charity and volunteering